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At Move Up, we bridge the gap between South African engineering professionals and UK employers. Dive deeper into each specialty to discover the array of job opportunities waiting for you.


From the intricate work of carpenters to the visionary guidance of project managers, each role contributes to the grand tapestry of the UK’s built environment.

Business Services

From finance, office administration, marketing and sales, or management, we offers a plethora of opportunities for professionals of all backgrounds.


From early childhood development to tertiary education, there are roles that cater to different age groups and special needs.


In the vibrant entertainment industry of the UK, actors, entertainers, and presenters are at the forefront of creative expression.


The hospitality industry of the UK, renowned for its rich tradition and innovative approaches, is a dynamic and rewarding sector.


For South African professionals, the chance to delve into this sector is an invitation to be part of a globally respected medical community.


As the world moves at a rapid technological pace, the UK stands at the forefront, offering a plethora of opportunities for IT professionals to thrive.


The UK retail sector is ever-evolving and presents numerous opportunities for skilled professionals to make their mark in this dynamic landscape.


From the bustling streets of London to the serene countryside of the Lake District, efficient transportation ensures seamless connectivity and drives the economy.

Engineering Opportunities

Explore a range of engineering roles to match your expertise.

Civil Engineers

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Electrical Engineers

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Mechanical Engineers

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Construction Opportunities

Unlock diverse roles within the construction industry.


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Cladder Operatives

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Project Managers

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Quality Assurance Manager

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Business Services

From finance to management, find your niche in the business world.

Finance Related

Join our Business Services database for consideration in finance related positions. 

Office Administration

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Marketing and Sales

For more creative freedom, apply here to join our database.

Education Opportunities

Early Childhood

Apply now to join our educators database for consideration in future sponsorship opportunities.

Primary School Teachers

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High School Teachers

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Varsity Lecturers

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Special Needs Teacher

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Medical Opportunities

Chiropodist (Podiatry)

Join our database for Chiropodist roles.

Care Worker

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Dentist Roles

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Director of Nursing

Join our database for NHS managerial roles.


General Practioners and Specialists, apply here to join our database and be considered for UK sponsorship roles.


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Occupational Therapist

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IT & Tech Opportunities

Stay ahead of the curve with tech roles.


Take your coding expertise abroad, join our matrix:

Project Managers

Take your leadership skills abroad with Move Up:

Software Engineers

The real heroes. Join UK employers and play in first world economies:

Entertainment Opportunities

Discover a vibrant world of creativity and arts.


Professional Sports Persons, Actors and Support crew, join our database below:

Hospitality Opportunities

Serve and shine in the hospitality sector.

    Sous Chef

    Yes, chef, join us for sponsored roles in the UK:

    Restaurant Manager

    Help run our restaurants. Be prepared to run like you never had too. 

    Retail Opportunities

    Discover roles from frontline to management in retail.

    Butchery Manager

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    Production Manager

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    Transportation and Logistics

    Drive success in transport and logistics roles.

    Truck Driver

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    Mechanic and Panel Beaters

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    Employer Introduction Program

    Move Up offers EIS (Employer Introduction Services) to South Africans looking to get introduced to both active UK employers as well as licensed sponsors. Our team hosts and records interviews and provides them as introductions.

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