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Offer of Employment

Understanding the Basics

Often, South Africans with friends or family in the UK are given hope with statements like “I have a job for you.” While this is an exciting opportunity, it’s crucial to understand the basics and the procedures in place to make it a reality.

1. The Minimum Qualifying Threshold:

Before diving into the details, it’s vital to be aware of the minimum qualifying salary for visa considerations:

  • A yearly salary of £26,200.
  • An hourly wage of £10.75.
  • Matching the ‘going rate’ for the specific job role.

This threshold is not just a number but a qualifying criterion. It ensures that UK employment offers meet specific standards suitable for visa considerations.

2. Taking the Offer Seriously:

If your employment offer exceeds the minimum threshold, congratulations! The next step is obtaining a certificate of sponsorship from the prospective employer. This certificate is an essential document for the visa process.

For prospective employers unsure about this process, we recommend reviewing the official guide on Certificates of Sponsorship.

3. Partner with Expertise:

Once the certificate of sponsorship is in place, you’re not alone in the next steps. Our South Africa-based legal team can assist UK employers in registering for sponsorship. For applicants, our expert visa team is ready to address all remaining visa requirements, ensuring a smooth transition to your new job in the UK.

Need Assistance? Dive into our visa services and discover how our seasoned experts can simplify the visa process, ensuring all requirements are met with precision and efficiency.

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